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After infusing my work into brands like...

Here’s what I learnt after scaling countless businesses to multiple six, seven figures for YEARS

Growing a business by adding more team members/hours/offers/funnels/… will never work.

It’s heartbreaking to see how many people are chasing the ideal of “the perfect scaling process” and forgot themselves during the process. When they add more hours, they put more substance into the golden prison they’ve built for themselves.

And then comes the crash, the burnout.

⚠️ Do NOT skip this if you really want to scale your biz

Here are three philosophies that you need in order to grow out of the "constantly-on-the-gram-promoting"-phase of entrepreneurship. This is REALLY important because you can finally build a business that can outgrow your competitors and give you the space to build wealth.

Hard Truth #1: 
scaling has never been a sales issue

To make more money, you need to sell more. The thing is most business owners just put in more effort in sales - meaning they’re 24/7 on the Gram, promoting the eff out of their products. They create 50 different products so they can “sell more”. The problem? You’re over complicating your business and if sales aren’t detached from you… you can’t scale.

Sales can only be detached from you if your messaging makes sense. Sales is a messaging issue. If your messaging works, lead generation will be cheaper for you, lead conversion will be MAGICAL and lifetime customer value will skyrocket. And you can go binge watch Game of Thrones and stop having anxiety about freakin’ sales.

Hard Truth #2: 
if you don’t define the overall direction and strategy of your business, someone will define it for you whether you like it or not

Because that’s usually happens… you hustle, you do your thing and then you wonder why your business is turning this way… why you can’t go on vacay, why your customer experience sucks, why you’re offering this stupid offer…

That’s not the vibe.

Hard Truth #3: it’s not about growing a team and creating systems, it’s about the attributes ;)

There’s nothing valuable about a team that doesn’t do shit when nobody tells them what to do. Or systems that look fancy…but make your life harder than it was before.

You need a drivin team that serves your mission. And that keeps your business running and thriving even when you’re on an emergency run to some cut off village because your aunt died. The last thing you want to do then is to delegate stuff to your team every single day, right?

You need systems that either remove you as the bottleneck, decrease mistakes and increase client satisfaction (which will then increase customer lifetime value!). Systems that WORK. Not some pretty tools that are utterly worthless.

You need an automated sales system to connect everything into a cycle that will run again and again and again without any friction.

Now, if you’re ready to grow a business bigger than yourself instead of staying a freelancer with a team, you need to play to win.

I helped my clients to play to win:

...by scaling a business from literally zero to 500k within ten months.

...by helping a business ten-times their monthly revenue within six months.

...by supporting clients with hiring teams of over 100 talents.

...by helping execute multiple-six-figure launches.

...And I can help you win too if...

A) are ready to play a winning strategy instead of doing whatever other people on the Gram are doing (I don’t have time to work with “the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side”-people because COPYING others is NOT a winning strategy)


B) understand that changes this big will require time and effort - I’m not some fairy godmother who will bibbidi-bobbidi-boom your business.

Choose the perfect blend for your business!

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