Listen, you can have 5-figure launches while on vacation.

...and it only takes 15 minutes 🤫

Whatever it is, give it to me!

Yo, I see you...

...throwing your credit card at random courses hoping to be able to figure out a launch strategy that works.

...looking at your phone constantly while on vacation because you're not sure when the cash will come in.

...detesting your ring light because you spend YET another evening promoting your business 😑 (when you could literally chill on your couch drinking your fav beverage, DUH!).

*virtual hug* Let's sort this out.

Thinking about your E-Mail List...

...makes you shudder with shame because you have bombarded them with sales e-mails before and still have nothing to show for it

...makes you wonder if it has been a good idea at all to build an e-mail list - or has it been a wasted effort?

...makes you wonder if ONE day you would be able to sell to your e-mail list with ease (others can do, too, right?)

Stop it. 

Let's prepare your next five figure launch!

Hello! I'm Youmi and I support my clients with multiple five figure launches with e-mails doing the heavy lifting. 

In fact, using my sales e-mail framework, I've managed to sold out launches using e-mail only - while my clients were out there exploring the world (as they should!). 

This could be your new normal. 

Fill in some details about your new offer and generate e-mails for your next launch automatically!

...or go full boss mode, send a voice note to your assistant with all the details and... pack your suitcase, go explore the world and wait for the sales notifications to come in. KA - CHING!

This is hands down the best and easiest way to prepare for your launch. You get 8 automatically generated e-mails that you can use to WARM UP your subscribers and then to launch the offer to your subscribers. PS: 8 E-Mails are usually what it takes for my clients to make 5 figure sales. 

The best thing? You can use this proven framework again and again...


This will be your new normal

...selling to your e-mail list even when Instagram shuts down during your launch (hooray!).

...sold out spots before you even go public!

...less stress because you can schedule everything and sleep during your launch period. 

...ethical marketing because that's what we do at Brewing Dreams ❤️

...freedom (have I told you that I basically retired a client? 🤯)

Let's get started.
5-Figure Launch E-Mails Generator.


I know you want it.