Hi, I'm Youmi...

...and you are the next big CEO, I suppose. You dream big. So big that you don't know IF and HOW you will ever be able to live your dreams.

YOU want to create a bigger impact and grow your revenue and you have no idea how to make your business profitable without sacrificing your sanity and your valuable time.

Let me help you!

I started my own business almost three years ago. If businesses are plants, then I totally have a green thumb! Since starting my business I've helped countless entrepreneurs scale their own business from 100k to 500k+. Working as a certified OBM, I realized that most people who are enquiring OBM services, do not need an OBM yet. What they need is project manager and a business consultant - and with Brewing Dreams I'm covering both.

Every week, I'm sending out an e-mail covering the hottest strategies to scale to 500k. I'd love you to join 500K Fridays!


Here at brewing dreams we’re doing things differently.

💫 We believe that you can scale a business in two different ways. The one way is to run around like a crazy chicken and to burn out doing so. The other way is by managing your business more intentionally so you can scale without it costing your sanity. Needless to say, here at Brewing Dreams, we focus on the latter.

💫 We believe that the key to a growing business is engrained in the systems and processes that support the business. We also know that most entrepreneurs just take some random systems and processes and call it a day. And we’re so ready to work with you so we can take out the weed and re-root your biz to prepare for multiple six figures growth.

💫 We believe that you know how to scale your business up to a certain point. But if you’re the most experienced and knowledgeable person in your team… and you want to scale above that break point? You need to get a more experienced and knowledgeable person in your team. Someone that has seen countless teams of multiple six figure entrepreneurs.

💫 We believe that ONE intentional launch can go a long way. You do not need 10 four-figure launches that cost you hundreds of hours, thousands of euros (or insert your desired currency) when you can have ONE intentional launch that can easily make you six figures - all while doing WAY less and having a much smaller marketing budget.

💫 We believe that you can sell every single day without it feeling like selling every single day to you and your audience. Selling can be fun and easy and light and…very natural!

💫 We believe that business should be FUN. It should be light, it should provide a safe environment to grow, to experiment and to flourish and thrive. We believe that marketing can be insanely easy. We believe in cash, memes, face masks and our favorite drink: (bubble) tea.