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Grab a cup of tea and let's visualize...

Your dream business is making six figures and beyond.


You have so much free time that you can travel around the world most of the time.


You boast with pride as your impact, your team and your revenue is growing.
Reality check: Do these apply to you? If yes, congrats!
If not... keep on scrolling!

Let me spill the tea:

This is how you're feeling

šŸµ  You love your business but you haven't had a true vacation since years...

šŸµ  Even though you have a team, you feel like you have to do EVERYTHING.

šŸµ  You know that you could bring in a lot more revenue into your business... but you do not have the capacities to take on more work

šŸµ  You are sick of having to micro-manage everything.

šŸµ. You'd love to have a business that can exist without you!

And here is your roadmap to an effortless six figure business (and beyond!)

Assessing your business

Here's the tea. Something is not running smoothly in your business and you can FEEL it. You just don't know why. 

You keep running around in cycles and trying to put out fires. And while you're busy solving problems within your business, the next fire appears and you ask yourself...

"What is stopping me from being a six figure entrepreneur? Did I trade my 9-to-5 with something worse? Will I have to keep working like a maniac? Where's my 4 hour work week??"

Here is what we'll do: Book a free discovery call during which I'll audit your business and show you how I can help you scale. 
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Creating your 90 Day Business Blueprint

From your discovery call, we will move forward with an intense breakthrough session (if you want so!) to create your 90 day business blueprint. 

Imagine receiving an action plan for your next 90 days to solve your (literally) burning problems in your inbox... Sounds amazing?

You will finally find clarity in what's actually happening in your business and what you need to do to improve your business, to act like the CEO you are and to free up time (so you can finally live the 4 hour week you've been hoping for since you started your business!). 

Plus, you'll receive amazing strategies... and suggestions for systems you need to implement so you can FINALLY scale. Can we celebrate your six figure business in 90 days? Can we? Book your discovery call below to find out. 
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Managing your Business

Now, that you have your 90 days business blueprint, you can decide to implement everything on your own or you can hire an OBM (me, me!) to get my eyes and hands on your business. 

My OBM Retainer Packages have been highly successful with clients and I cannot wait to help YOUR business flourish and thrive. Systems Set-Up? Project and Team Management? Launch Support? Strategizing Sessions with a like-minded entrepreneur? You've got it! 

Take my hand - we'll scale your business together. And I'll make sure, you can actually LIVE your 4 hour week. And take vacation as well. Cheers to you, boss!
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Monitoring Growth and Watching you scale!

Pop the bubbly! We're partners in crime now šŸ‘‹šŸ»

There's a reason why I have a 100% resign-rate. I'll bring success to your business and make you enjoy your business again! During the whole time we're working together, I'll make sure your business is growing. We'll monitor your KPI metrics, your growth and celebrate together when we hit and exceed our goals!

And everything starts by clicking the button below. 
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Brewing your Dream...


Managing businesses is my tea. I might have the perfect blend for you! As your Online Business Manager, I will manage your business, create seamless systems, manage your team and your projects and be your right hand. 

Are you craving for strategy sessions with someone with business in their DNA? Are you craving for fresh ideas, someone to support you proactively and someone who will cheer you on from the backend?


Business is in my DNA. I love nothing more than seeing a business thrive - other than being the reason why a business is thriving of course! 

As your OBM, I will make sure that everything is set up flawlessly so you can make more revenue, create more impact and enjoy life even more. 

There is so much more potential in your business than you think! Let's make more of your business. 

My Mission

Iā€™m on a mission to weave extraordinary dreams of passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs into reality by creating systems without the overwhelm and by supporting CEOs on their way to a six figure business and beyond.


Don't just take my word for it! See for yourself...

"Youmi is managing 80+ monthly projects for me. Thanks to her systems, I was able to take 6 weeks of vacation last year. I'm so glad I can make more money while resting a whole lot more."

"I was a little nervous when first hiring on an OBM because I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I had big goals and my organization was lacking, which was hindering my success and sanity. When I found out Youmi was becoming an OBM, I knew I needed to hire her. She has truly changed my business and life in the time we've been working together. My organization and SOP's are completely organized, my goals are laid out with a clear execution plan, and I feel fully supported 24/7.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Youmi. She's an expert in organization and tech, she's so intelligent, and she will truly treat your business like her own. She is an irreplaceable member of my team and she will be for yours too!"

"Here are the top 3 reasons, I'd pass along a glowing recommendation:

1. Impulses for Improvements: Youmi always has amazing ideas that she will share with you. She is really keen on making your business amazing and ready for massive growth. The best idea she had was to switch to Airtable as a project management tool. We are currently doing everything with Airtable and I don't know how we could have manage to scale to 40k months without Airtable.

2. Drive: Youmi is always giving 100% for your business. She always makes sure to complete her tasks and to communicate with team members so they won't forget a deadline either. Even during her last weeks of being pregnant, Youmi was always 100% there and supported me during all the projects. 

3. Skills: Youmi has amazing skills. Coming from an engineering/web design background, she understands technical stuff really quickly and is able to implement processes flawlessly. Her team management skills are amazing (she currently manages a team of over 150 team members!)."

I scaled several businesses.
Let me scale yours, too.

The visualization we did just now? This can be your new reality.

Ready for more time and revenue? Book your free discovery call now to get started. 
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