5 Mistakes that prevent you from booking OBM clients

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You’re one step closer to ditching the 5 mistakes you are making right now that are costing you OBM clients!

So why do you need this masterclass?


❌🛑 Because you have trouble booking OBM clients


❌🛑 Because you can’t understand how other OBMs make multiple figure-figure months while still having an actual social life?!


❌🛑 Because imposter syndrome is your  new invisible friend - and quite a bitch tbh


❌🛑 Because you know you can do so much better. You know CEOs deserve YOU working on their business. You know you could do wonders. You know you could kill it. But you still don’t.

Here’s what’s POSSIBLE for you* when you take this masterclass:


😍✅ You will finally find out the 5 cardinal mistakes I see almost EVERY new OBM doing and how to avoid giving out *newbie vibes*


😍✅ You will understand how to uplevel your marketing so your leads will DM you after scrolling through your posts - to take action!


😍✅ You will be able to make 10k months with less than 20 hours of work per week


*I make zero guarantees. It’s up to you to put in the work and transform your OBM business. Take full radical responsibility and do the first step right now.


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Who are you, Youmi?

I’ve been an OBM for ages - and my superpower is to scale businesses to multiple 6 figures and 7 figures. My clients trust me and literally do the marketing for me :D

I’m now on a mission to see more talented OBMs take over the business world. Because, yes, the world deserves you. You are needed.
But there are some mistakes I figured out that prevent OBMs from making cash - I want you to be aware of that.
Some of my accomplishments:

⭐️ I’ve scaled an agency from literally zero to 500k within ten months

⭐️ I’ve helped a business ten-times their monthly revenue within six months

⭐️ I’ve supported clients with hiring teams of over 100 talents

⭐️ I’ve helped execute multiple six figure launches

⭐️ Students who have been in SEVERAL OBM programs before are finally seeing results by learning from me

Hi, I'm Youmi!