Scaling businesses is my hobby.


I’ve scaled countless businesses while working as an OBM (online business manager or in short: your partner in crime).

I’ve scaled a business from literally zero to 500k within ten months.

I’ve helped a business ten-times their monthly revenue within six months.

I’ve supported clients with hiring teams of over 100 talents.

I’ve helped execute multiple-six-figure launches.

In short: 

if you want to scale your business, you’re at the right spot here.

Choose how you want to work with me


Quick and dirty strategy session. 75 minutes with me and you’ll leave the call with clarity, new ideas and a clear roadmap on how to move through your next roadblocks.
A complex project you’re planning? Got it. Your next six figure launch planned in 75 minutes? Got ya. Feeling overwhelmed with your workload but not really sure who and how to hire? I’m your girl. Funnel planning? I’m in 😈


High level OBM support for people whose dreams I vibe with. I help you brew your dreams into reality. As your in-house OBM, I’ll manage your launches, I’ll manage your team, I’ll set-up your systems and I’ll catch and refine your ideas to bring great new offers into the world.

We start at 2700/month. Apply for a sales call!


STEEP UP TO 500K is my 3-months-consulting package with the goal in mind to help you with systems, strategy and team. This is a done-with-you-package. I’ll help you refine your messaging. I’ll show you how to move away blocks that stand between you and your 500k-year.

4997 for 3 months. Apply for a sales call.