Let's set up the strategic foundation for your half a million dollar business
Let’s get down to business! I’ll make a 500k business owner out of you, you're in? 

You know what it takes to make 100k, congrats 🥳

Let’s kick it up a notch and get you...

from this...

staying in the cold and leaving your success to time, luck and the universe this!

knowing exactly how to reach the top, hell yes!
You're a badass CEO 🥳

I know what you want, what you really, really, really want...

(500k to magically appear *puff* like this)

Hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work that way.

What got you to 100k won’t get you to 500k (not without losing your sanity, trust me). In order to do the jump from 100k to 500k, you need to trim down, simplify and stabilise your systems and the strategic foundation to grow with ease.

It’s time to stop being the gorge that prohibits you’re leaping to 500k. Because without the right strategic foundation, everything you’ve built so far will be 100000% dependent on you. To keep it short:

❌ You don't need another program to scale

❌ You don't need to apply another cookie-cutter strategy (after you copied a ton of other strategies that obviously do not work)

❌ You think the dozen of courses in your library will get you to the next step of your business - a flowy, peaceful and successful business 

Embody the CEO you want to be, get the right systems in place and culture the strategic mindset to really, really scale.

Because what you need is a proven process to scale from 100k to 500k. What you need is to steep up to 500k with custom strategies that will help you build a legacy (instead of helping you with quick cash injections).

Because at this point, you don't need anyone to teach you how to sell. You know how to sell. You sold your way up to 100k, didn't you? But what about having a business that can shoulder the responsibility to sell with you? Sexy, right? 👀

What you really want is the reputation of a half a million business, the money that comes with it and the freedom to operate such a business in a way that feels good to you. 

So, I'm going to give what you need instead.

All good things start with a strategy session

Let's steep up your business to 500k the Brewing Dreams way (aka the way we’ve scaled a lot of other businesses as well). It's boiling down to three main components for your success.

➡️ well-oiled systems
➡️ a high-performing team culture
➡️ intentionality and strategy

My steeping process allows me to get a full picture overview of your business (I’m good at it, I basically devour true crime documentaries and buzzfeed unsolved is my JAM - I’ll be over here creating a wall of information of EVERYTHING and spotting holes like a hawk)

The first month will be all about systems

From there on, I’ll brew up a custom strategy for you and guide you through the 90 days process of steeping up to 500k. In the first month, it will be all about systems.

I’ll show you…

💫 how to create systems that will run smoothly for YOUR business and will give you back the one thing that will never ever return: time

💫 how to optimise the way you get your offer to your client

💫 how to book your next vacation without business anxiety

💫 how to create processes that will free up your time, provide a high level client experience and get your team running smooth like butter

💫 who your next hire will be and how you'll get a rockstar for your team

In the second month, we’ll talk positioning, offer suite and projections

Probably the most important part of this experience because this can make or break your business.

I’ll show you…

💫 how to shift your angle for your messaging to cut through the market like it’s made out of soft butter (I like soft butter if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s the best!) 

💫 how to make your marketing arrows hit bulls eye every single time (this is priceless! Literally the one thing that will determine how long your business will run!)

💫 how to create an offer suite that will make you happy in terms of energy management, revenue growth and ease of marketing

💫 how to solve logical and psychological solutions for your leads to book you every single time

💫 how to create offers so sexy, people would be like “Gosh, I’d be stupid to not jump in right now!”

In the third month, we’ll get down to your custom 500k sales and marketing strategy

Remember, 500k is just consistent 40k months or several high five figure or six figure launches! Brewing Dreams have never spent a single week without launching. 50k, 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k, 100k (etc, count yourself!) launches are something we are experienced in.

I’ll show you…

💫 how to prepare a launch that will hit like a truck (it’ll rain dollar bills 🥳)

💫 how to shift the heavy lifting to your team (so, so, so important if you actually want to be free!)

💫 how to cut through the noise and get people invested in your messaging

💫 how to tweak your sales page to maximise your revenue!

💫 how to be a sales god while still being ethical (we say no-no to fake urgency, lies and manipulation!)

The questions that might be in your mind right now:

How is this package set up?

Efficient. I hate fluff and I’m not doing things for things sake. This is a fast paced, advanced, fun and strategic program. You’re looking for results not an endless amount of calls. 

(1) strategy session à 75 minutes
(3) months of consulting

💫 Private messaging access

💫 Unlimited feedbacks via video (want me to check your sales page, your mails, your *insert everything you feel insecure about*)

💫 A ton of templates and resources when needed (e.g. need a strategic hire? I have a full arsenal of hiring templates for you)

But the only question you need to answer right now is... you have the guts to scale to 500k right now?


Because this could be you 🤯

My clients? Killing it. The people I work with are on the roll and things like this could be your new normal:

🤯 scaling to consistent multiple six figure MONTHS

🤯 working one day a week

🤯 making 20k in a week while being offline

🤯 selling strategically via email 

🤯 setting new goals like 2 million yearly revenue

I'm getting goosebumps thinking of my clients. Want to take part in this fun?

Let's join the club!

80x ROI? Let's go!

Make it rain bills!