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The system to make cash out of every sales call

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The majority of OBMs have difficulties with making sales

Selling high-ticket OBM Retainer packages is the best but not the easiest. Most OBMs are struggling with actually closing sales calls - confidently. So, this is what happens:


❌🛑 You try following some sales scripts to try to get clients. 


❌🛑 You waste time creating proposals for your leads just for them to ghost you.  


❌🛑 You try selling more for less money in hopes of being more successful in sales.  



And what’s worse is...


If you don’t fix the problem now — you won't get out of this vicious cycle…

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Using this system, I made over five figures from sales calls alone, got a 100% conversion rate and a 66% upsell rate into my OBM retainer. This can happen for you.

Yes, I want the mini training for 27$
The mini training will take you 20 minutes and you will leave with your own strategy sales system.

Why should you trust me?

>> I don't just talk about OBM; I actually do it. I will make sure every single participant reaches their goals of becoming a six figure OBM. I am NOT just repeating what every other OBM mentor says.

>> I'm not JUST a OBM Mentor. I've been working in the Online Business for 4 years and I've been working as an OBM and I have grown and scaled various multiple-six-figure-businesses. I GET IT.
I’m a OBM Mentor who helps VAs to become a booked-out six figure OBM.

After 4 years spent working as an OBM and I have grown and scaled various multiple-six-figure-businesses, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to struggle with feeling like an imposter and not having the confidence to market oneself as an OBM, not knowing where to find support, and lack of confidence to step up into the management role, deliver results and market as a rockstar OBM.

Over time, I’ve learned how to become a booked-out six figure OBM without doing VA tasks and feeling like an imposter with my OBM business.

And I can help you do the same.

Hi, I'm Youmi!

As an OBM, you want to be able to create impact for your clients.

Getting your clients results like these (⬇️) will power your business 🔥

Easy. Fast. Limitless.

"Working with Youmi is easy, fast and limitless. Youmi is fast, does not ask a lot of questions and she comprehends details in a fast way and it’s just easy."
Lea Antonia Varga
Youmi let me lean into the role of being a visionary.

"It was THE MOST fun working with Youmi. She produces incredible work and was super reliable. I always felt very supported during our time together. Youmi really let me lean into the role of being a visionary. I would come to our calls with an idea of how I wanted to coach other’s through a specific transformation, and not only would she help create a way to package it all up, she would create a perfect funnel to take the customers through so they’re primed for the purchase."
Julia Piccoli
Julia Piccoli Coching
A 5-figure-launch with so much fun, ease and peace.

"I feel so at peace, have created a new trust than I can grow my business without burning out and appreciate deeply to have you as my partner in crime by my side, giving structure to all my wild ideas.
The most recent one was my blueprint idea - I filled out the briefing and you put up the project management, handled the tasks & deadlines and not only a week later we looked back at an 11k launch. WOWZA - with so much fun, ease and peace."
Freya Bretnütz
Freya Bretnütz
Youmi has knowledge that I've never seen in anyone else before.

Youmi is just SO good at what she does. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s always there, she gets everything done, I’m honestly always so surprised when she tells me I don’t have to worry about anything and she already took care of it. Like what? That’s the freaking dream!
She’s fast, she’s excellent in what she does, she’s highly organised and has knowledge that I’ve never seen in anyone else before.
Hannah Geuenich
The Creator Concept


When do I get access to the mini training?

You will receive an email right after purchase to access your portal.If for some reason you don't receive it, check your spam folder, or contact me at


What if I just can't do it on my own?

I offer 1:1 mentoring. Please contact me at for more information.


How can I book?

Click on any button on this page, put in your personal information and check out via paypal.