What if you could really step into your leadership-role to become THE confident and booked-out six-figure-OBM you’ve always craved to be?

Most VAs who want to step into the OBM-role want to own a successful OBM-business, but there’s something that stops them from unleashing their full potential….
"...by learning how to excel in my leadership role so I can leave my VA role and charge more - for only €5,000!"
The 6 Figure OBM Academy is for all VAs who are ready to grow away from their VA business. It is anyone who wants to shine in their new OBM role and support CEOs to further scale their successful businesses. All that without being assigned VA tasks that drain the soul out of your body 👀

The truth is...

Most VAs try to step into the OBM role but fail to do so because of their lack of confidence in actually leading the clients’ businesses. This makes it hard to deliver results and actually have the authority to market yourself as a successful OBM.

But it’s not your fault...I know you've tried.

You want to become a booked-out, respected OBM but instead your bills are still being paid by doing VA tasks.

The reality is without the hard skills of an OBM, the soft skills of an OBM and the mindset to manage whole businesses, you’ll continue to struggle, and it’s not a lack of effort on your part…


❌🛑 You try booking an OBM course just to finish the course with tech VA and admin VA skills and not a single grain of actual management skills


❌🛑 You try changing your IG bio and you still feel like an imposter with your OBM business because you have no idea how to actually manage your clients. (Spoiler alert: You’ll end up doing VA tasks that suck the life out of you)


❌🛑 You try reading management books and watch Youtube Tutorials on how to set up systems but the whole management thing feels chaotic to you and you just don’t know how to deliver real results to your clients



And what’s worse is...


If you don’t fix the problem now — you end up with the consequences…

That’s why I created The 6 Figure OBM Academy for VAs just like you, who want to become a well-known and booked-out OBM averaging 4-6 referrals every month. You want to become the OBM your clients can rely on and who will consult with you regarding big business decisions. You want to lead teams in a way that feels fun, effortless and effective. You want to stand out on the OBM market.

And you’ll be relieved to know that everything that you get with The 6 Figure OBM Academy isn’t going to cost you over €20,000.

Instead, it’s only €5000 🔥

🎉 Introducing 🎉

The Six Figure OBM Academy

🍾 THE academy with a practical take for VAs who want a growing OBM business - while ditching imposter syndrome and their old VA role. 

🍾 THE academy that will help you develop both hard and soft skills that are crucial for a booming OBM business as well as your strategic and management mindset so you can actually support your clients and hold space for them on a completely different level. 

🍾 THE academy where you'll get certified by me, as well ;)


🔥 You could charge four times more than now..

🔥 You could sign new clients every single month..

🔥You could get new inquiries every single day..

And before you know it, 
🔥 you are a sought-out OBM making more money than you ever think you could..

my kind of fabulous ;)

What if you could...

🥵 Have more fun working and be able to do afternoon naps or even work 3-day-weeks?

🥵 Market yourself with confidence and be able to become a booked-out OBM (without dancing or feeling awkward on social media)

 🥵 Experience less frustration doing VA tasks that don't fulfill you and feel happier, prouder and more fulfilled instead! What if you could step into the management role with confidence and deliver like the rockstar OBM you are?

 🥵 Go from having to trade time with money, struggling to get to 10k months to becoming a successful OBM in only 6 to 12 months



You tried picking up bits and pieces of info here and there to puzzle them together, but had no luck because the fit-all-solution doesn't exist.

You tried finding a mentor and stepping into the OBM role, but felt frustrated and helpless because you don't end up getting results (or results for your clients).

You tried to keep doing VA tasks but ended up having to trade time with money, struggling to get to 10k months because there's no way you can scale in a way OBM can..

I get it because I’ve been there.

I struggled to make myself a name as an OBM so that my business can really skyrocket. 

Nothing worked...until I discovered how to become THE OBM on the market everyone wanted to book.
Once I figured out how to become a booked-out six figure OBM, the way I lead businesses changed forever.

I was able to execute the OBM role and elevate my field of responsibility, feel pride, happiness, fulfillment, and be a successful OBM completely detached from my old position.

I want the same for you...


The Six Figure OBM Academy

The 6 Figure OBM Academy helps you to become a booked-out OBM by implementing waterproof strategies and processes to turn your business into a well-oiled machine. It’s unlike other Online Group Program because we don't stay at the surface. I want everyone to leave the program as a six-figure–OBM.

❗️You won’t watch hours long of videos of me telling you how to set-up systems. You will actually LEARN how to do everything yourself.

❗️We have a practical take and you will need to do assignments (that I will review myself). This will help you develop your skills as a manager as well as give you the confidence that you are actually capable of solving strategic problems as manager.

❗️We hold you accountable, introduce reward programs and make sure you leave the program as a booked-out OBM

❗️We stand by your side regarding client problems, tech problems as well as marketing and strategy feedback.

❗️You get certified by us and have the chance to be in our OBM directory!

❗️We have fun paid add-ons such as launch manager or funnel strategist certifications!


What's included?

OBM Certification

You’ll get certified as an OBM so you can head start into your own OBM business with proof, receipts and the confidence to make your way to 6 figures.

We’ll dive into:
🔥 How to use all the common programs and sites in depth with demo accounts so you can feel secure while actually executing your job and not only scratching the technical surface that can easily be googled.

   🔥 How to navigate a team and manage projects as well as tasks so you can delegate with high efficiency and streamline your customers businesses while simultaniously making progress with projects

   🔥 How to fully take on the role of an OBM including Mindset and authority so you can distinguish yourself from the VA part and lead with confidence

Live Calls and Audits

Take this opportunity to deal with issues regarding customers, tech stuff, management or marketing, so you can manage being stuck with an experienced OBM by your side and navigate through difficulties while already in business.

🔥 How to respond to and deal with customer issues of your clients so you can take on these issues with confidence and assure yourself on how to navigate through them with the best business intentions

   🔥 How to overcome difficulties with technical work regarding the tech parts you learn in the certification process so you can spend less time in despair and make your customers businesses run smoothly as they should

   🔥 How to modify your already standing systems with audits so you can elevate your own techniques and increase your quality of support

Marketing and Strategy

You’ll learn how to directly implement everything we teach you in the program, so you can skip the trial and error phase with your first OBM client (as well as market yourself in a really fun, non-awkward way!).

We’ll dive into:
🔥 How to write a successful sales page so you can increase the conversion of the product you're trying to sell

🔥 How to write amazing mails regarding sales, pre-warming and funneling so you can save time with real customers and let your words work for you while selling

🔥 How to set up automations and spaces for memberships in demo accounts so you can eliminate any open questions while trying everything out on your own and implementing feedback right away"


The Six Figure OBM Academy

OBM Certification - Value €6000

A Group Program to get certified as an OBM, so you can elevate your business and finally skyrocket into the OBM world.

Assignments & Accountability - Value €6000

A System of assignments to keep you hooked on the process and enable you to trial and error through everything you learn. I give feedback on your assignments, so you leave the program with actual practical experience AND the confidence that, yes, you are able to be the leader in your client's business. 

Live Calls & Audits - Value €12000

A direct live connection to me, so you can directly solve problems, get questions answered and audits on your already standing systems to optimize your OBM game. 12 months of having my back 🍾


OBM Directory - Value €1000

A directory I can re-direct my leads to, so you can more visible to possible dream clients.

On-Boarding Call with custom success map - Value €500

You are not a number in this program. I want everyone to graduate as six-figure OBMs - and as everyone is unique, you'll receive your own custom success map.

Reward progam - Value 300€

A reward program with physical gifts so you stay motivated throughout to hit certain milestones (such as your first 10k month 🔥)

Conversion Hacking Course - Value 697€

Conversion Hacking Course from @youronlinebiz launching in november 2022

Total value of €26500
Plus: 12 months access to our Slack Group!

Why should you trust me?

>> I don't just talk about OBM; I actually do it. I will make sure every single participant reaches their goals of becoming a six figure OBM. I am NOT just repeating what every other OBM mentor says.

>> I'm not JUST a OBM Mentor. I've been working in the Online Business for 4 years and I've been working as an OBM and I have grown and scaled various multiple-six-figure-businesses. I GET IT.
I’m a OBM Mentor who helps VAs to become a booked-out six figure OBM.

After 4 years spent working as an OBM and I have grown and scaled various multiple-six-figure-businesses, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to struggle with feeling like an imposter and not having the confidence to market oneself as an OBM, not knowing where to find support, and lack of confidence to step up into the management role, deliver results and market as a rockstar OBM.

Over time, I’ve learned how to become a booked-out six figure OBM without doing VA tasks and feeling like an imposter with my OBM business.

And I can help you do the same.

Hi, I'm Youmi!

As an OBM, you want to be able to create impact for your clients.

Getting your clients results like these (⬇️) will power your business 🔥

Easy. Fast. Limitless.

"Working with Youmi is easy, fast and limitless. Youmi is fast, does not ask a lot of questions and she comprehends details in a fast way and it’s just easy."
Lea Antonia Varga
Youmi let me lean into the role of being a visionary.

"It was THE MOST fun working with Youmi. She produces incredible work and was super reliable. I always felt very supported during our time together. Youmi really let me lean into the role of being a visionary. I would come to our calls with an idea of how I wanted to coach other’s through a specific transformation, and not only would she help create a way to package it all up, she would create a perfect funnel to take the customers through so they’re primed for the purchase."
Julia Piccoli
Julia Piccoli Coching
A 5-figure-launch with so much fun, ease and peace.

"I feel so at peace, have created a new trust than I can grow my business without burning out and appreciate deeply to have you as my partner in crime by my side, giving structure to all my wild ideas.
The most recent one was my blueprint idea - I filled out the briefing and you put up the project management, handled the tasks & deadlines and not only a week later we looked back at an 11k launch. WOWZA - with so much fun, ease and peace."
Freya Bretnütz
Freya Bretnütz
Youmi has knowledge that I've never seen in anyone else before.

Youmi is just SO good at what she does. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s always there, she gets everything done, I’m honestly always so surprised when she tells me I don’t have to worry about anything and she already took care of it. Like what? That’s the freaking dream!
She’s fast, she’s excellent in what she does, she’s highly organised and has knowledge that I’ve never seen in anyone else before.
Hannah Geuenich
The Creator Concept

The Six-Figure OBM Academy is not another OBM course teaching you how to set-up systems.

The Academy will go deeper. I'll teach you HOW to create results like these

I'll teach you how to make impacts so big in your client's businesses that they can't help but refer you. 

I'll teach you HOW to embody your high-ticket retainers by re-wiring the way you think - to think as an OBM.

✅ To independently create systems that fit seamlessly to your client's businesses. 

✅ To see gaps right away. 

✅ To come up with strategies to increase revenue (not these kind of "let's give a discount on everything and call it a day"-tactics. 

You'll step out of this container as a booked-out OBM because I have a guarantee!

My Guarantee!

You won't be a number or a name on a post-it hanging on the wall.

I want EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. to graduate as a six-figure OBM. Which means that (while I don't issue any refunds due to the nature of this program) you will get access to the program as long as you haven't hit your first 8.5k-month (that's a six figure year ;) ). 

Which means access to live calls, to the slack channel and me auditing and helping your business until you make it.






as a six-figure OBM.

This is right for you if you are...

✅ Ready to put in the work to finally get a growing OBM Business

✅ Willing to market yourself confidently to finally get customer booking them as OBMs and not VAs

✅ Willing to learn how to become a leader so you can get executing the OBM role and elevating their field of responsibility

And not right for you if you are...

❌ Not prepared to put in the work to finally get a growing OBM Business

❌ Unwilling to take the lead and prefer to follow instructions

❌ Deadset on doing keep doing VA tasks and feeling like an imposter with their OBM business...The 6 Figure OBM Academy is NOT for you


What will you actually learn? What makes the Academy special?

Business Strategy 101

Strategy questions? Got it. You'll be able to support your clients on a strategic level so you can become an irreplaceable asset in your client's business. Leverage your client's business to a completely different level!

The OBM role

Learn how to shift away from the VA role and establish yourself as a manager - so you can become the authority successful businesses are looking for. #nomorevatasks


Learn hands-on how to use different tools and create systems and processes for any kind of client. We go deep into systems thinking so you can quickly connect the dots for any client!

Hiring & Team management

You'll learn how to help your clients build their dream team. Team management is one of my fav aspect of online business management and I'll show you the tricks to revamp existing teams and create a team spirit for your client's businesses. 

Project Management & Workflows

You'll learn how to depict company workflows in a project management tool and how to manage projects like a pro without spending hours and hours in the tool.

Metrics Management

Metrics? No problem. Learn about KPIs, metrics tracking and how to translate metrics into actionable advice for your clients - because numbers don't lie. 

Launch Management

Execute multiple figure launches for your clients and help your clients make more money in a fun, effortless way. You'll learn how to prepare a launch and how to hold space for your clients during the launch. 

Marketing 101

Become a pro in your own marketing so you can market your OBM services in a way that does not feel awkward and weird - instead you'll be able to create content people love to read!


What’s standing in the way of you finally getting a growing OBM Business?

I know how hard it can be to step out of the shadows. That's why I designed The 6 Figure OBM Academy to make it easy for you by offering a certification program, providing you accountability, and a space to grow and find support in.

When you click the "YES! I WANT THE 6 FIGURE OBM ACADEMY NOW" button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information.

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.


Pay in Full

1 payment of €5,000 for 12 months of access

12 payments

12 payments of €450 for 12 months of access


When do I get access to the Academy?

You will receive an email right after purchase to access your portal.If for some reason you don't receive it, check your spam folder, or contact me at team@brewingdreams.com.


What if I just can't do it on my own?

I offer 1:1 mentoring. Please contact me at team@brewingdreams.com for more information.


How can I book?

Click on any button on this page and book a call with me. If you want to skip the call and go straight to checkout, DM me on Instagram (@youmi.brewingdreams) or send an email to team@brewingdreams.com.



'Nuff said!